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Caber Computer, Inc. is an S-Corp, whose President  is Steven R. McCabe. Steven has been in the software business for over 20 years. He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET(MCSD for .NET). Caber Computing accepts consulting jobs from time to time.   Typical durations span from a couple of months to two years.



           o C#(Generics,Partial Classes), .NET 3.5, ASP.NET(Master Pages), VSS, VSTT Unit Test



           o C#(Generics,Partial Classes), .NET 3.5, LINQ, DLINQ, XLINQ, SQL Server 2008, SMO, XML, VSS, VSTT Unit Test


           Licensing Component: 
           o C#(Generics,Partial Classes), .NET 3.5, LINQ, DLINQ, SQL Server 2005(Stored Proc, Triggers), ASP.NET(WebServices)


           Weekly Words: 
           o VB.NET, .NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000(Stored Proc, Triggers),  ASP.NET(WebServices) , VSS      

           o HTML          

        Recent Consulting assignments:

              GPS based Asset tracking system with Microsoft.NET                                                      

                  Responsible for the design and implement of the database, coding and test of scalable, reliable middle-tier and

                   web services which was required to run 24/7.  Utilized C# partial classes and generics.

        Technology: Enterprise Library, Multi-threaded, NUnit, Sql Server 2005, C#, Visual Studio.NET,

                             TDD, WebServices, VSS


            Excel add-in with Microsoft.NET                                                                                          

                Part of a four-person team that developed a Microsoft.NET Excel Add-In product.   

       Technology: Multi-threaded, C#, Visual Studio.NET, VSS


           Multi-Tier GIS Mapping Application with Microsoft.NET                                                       

                 Part of a five-person team that developed a Microsoft.NET Window forms based product.  The multi-threaded

                 GIS mapping application is being used and sold to major Oil and Gas companies in both the US and Mexico.   

       Technology: Multi-threaded, Microsoft.NET Remoting, C#, Visual Studio.NET, SQL Server, VSS


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