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  Latest News:           SqlTac 4.0 released

Caber Computing, Inc. has released version 4.0 of SqlTac on Feb. 04, 2010.

SqlTac’s has its own website (  The website explains all of the various features of SqlTac and where in the lifecycle, those new features would typically be used.

SqlTac is the Swiss Army Knife of SQL Server Tools. 

What's New in SqlTac 4.0:

·         Numerical and graphical representation of the quality of your database design

·         Create custom charts off of any grid..

·         Add your custom SQL statements to monitor what happening in your server and database..

·         Chart the results your custom events of time.

·          DataChain: All you to easily and quickly see all related records..

·          Extensible: You can contribute to and get items from the SqlTac Community site.


·         Tips of the Day.


·         Custom SQL statements used to see What's Up .


·         Custom SQL statements used to Tracking events.


·          Custom .NET Source to apply custom rules when analizies your database design.


·          Custom .NET source to override the ORM code generation process.


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